Venue: Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany

Name of the group: 7000 Miles Orchestra

Members of the group:

Melchior Moisés, trumpet, Musica Creativa, Madrid, Spain

Pierre Carbonneaux, saxophone, CSMDP, Paris, France

Zihan Xu, UMPA, Munich, Germany (China)

Tibor Szilveszter, piano, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag, Netherlands, (Hungary)

Wolf de Bakker, contrabas, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Antwerpen, Belgium

Vincent Crusius, drums, UMPA, Munich, Germany


Family morning - Vincent Crusius

Kraen - Wolf de Bakker

Mars Humain - Zihan Xu

Repeat everything at least five times - Tibor Szilveszter

Mandala - Pierre Carbonneaux


Venue: Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany

Name of the group: Space Symphony Sextett

Members of the group:

Martina Schlemmer, voice, KUG, Austria

Hector Collado, saxophone, Musica Creativa, Madrid, Spain

Karl Pennar, EAMTT, Tallinn, Estonia

Lars van de Voorde, piano, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Antwerp, Belgium

Nils Kugelmann, double bass, UMPA, Munich, Germany

Matthieu Clement, HMT, Cologne, Germany


Untitled - Lars van de Voorde

Yume no inori - Hector Collado

Last tune in the Hochschule - Matthieu Clement

Strawberry fields - Karl Pennar

Symphony for the rain - Nils Kugelmann




Venue: Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany

Name of the group: Strange Entitlement

Members of the group:

Meg Brennan, flute, saxophone, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Nico Weber, trumpet, UMPA, Munich, Germany

Paul Prassel, guitar, HMT, Cologne, Germany

Maxim Burtsev, piano, UMPA, Munich, Germany

Nicola Bugarcic, double bass, KUG, Graz, Austria

Jesse Dockx, drums, Royal Conservatory, Antwerp, Belgium


Legend of a sleeping bear, Meg Brennan

Leave the door open, Nicola Bugarcic

Sphere's Matrix, Jesse Dockx

Dickens' Bar, Nico Weber

Otto's left foot, Paul Prassel

The shrimp incident, Paul Prassel


Venue: Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany

Name of the band: The Escalators

Members op the band:

Sebastian 'Schoko' Kölbl, trumpet, UMPA, Munich, Germany

Cristelle Raquillet, flute, CNSMDP, Paris, France

Camilo Archain, saxophone, Royal Conservatory, The Hague, The Netherlands

Luca Zambito, piano, UMPA, Munich, Germany

Jakob Jäger, double bass, UMPA, Munich, Germany

Pascal Haas, drums, UMPA, Munich, Germany


Windows XP Screensavers have feeling too, Cristelle Raquillet

Lewe, Pascal Haas

Hemicycle, Cristelle, Raquillet

Nivle, Camilo Zambito

Gus, Camilo Archain

A place where we come back to, Sebastian Kölbl


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